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Sep 21, 2022

Julie Piatt, a.k.a. “SriMati,” is a mystic, yogi, musician, artist, chef, author, and healer. She is also the mother of 4 children and finds the divine in all experiences in life, beautiful and challenging alike. 

Julie has created over 300 plant-based recipes for a series of bestselling cookbooks and is the author of the plant-based cheese bible, “This Cheese Is Nuts!”. She also co-authored the internationally acclaimed books “The Plantpower Way” and ``The Plantpower Way; Italia” with her husband, Rich Roll. 

Julie is known for her "NOT" cheese and created SriMu NOT Cheese to bring delicious plant-based flavors into our kitchens. In this episode, we get to talk to her about healthy living, spiritual development, and of course, plant-based cheese!

“In my experience, life is full of challenges and initiations as we go through the human life of becoming. From my perspective, we are all from the one breath, and we came individuated into these different life forms to experience a life of all different flavors to return back to the one breath.” - Julie Piatt


What we discussed:

  • How spirituality has driven Julie’s life 
  • How yoga is a “shelter from the storm” 
  • Religion vs spirituality 
  • Are some people more spiritual than others? 
  • How to fall back in love with ourselves 
  • How Julie met her husband, Rich, and learned how to accept him exactly how he was at that moment
  • Julie’s plant-based cheese line 




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