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Apr 24, 2019

Society has perpetuated the idea that masculinity is connected to animal consumption and preying on the weak.


Luckily, there are men like Dominick Thompson actively challenging that belief.


After going to prison more than seventeen years ago, Dominick had an epiphany about what it means to cause harm in the...

Apr 17, 2019

How does compassion play a role in ecological conservation?


In what way does our treatment of animals impact the way we treat ourselves and the planet?


Marc Bekoff is an animal behaviorist who argues that turning away from human exceptionalism and theoretical prejudices are the keys to expanding our compassionate...

Apr 10, 2019

Not many people can say they’ve played the flute for Johnny Carson on The Tonight Show, worked as an executive pastry chef, and been vegan for more than 40 years.


Chef AJ, a culinary instructor, YouTube host, and author of Unprocessed and The Secrets to Ultimate Weight Loss, can say all of that and more.



Apr 3, 2019

Despite the growing acceptance of plant-based nutrition in the mainstream, there are still major disparities in health, food access, and nutrition education for certain demographics.


Thirty-year vegan, best-selling author, and public health nutritionist Tracye Lynn McQuirter has spent decades teaching people how to...