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Jun 10, 2020

Eric Jackson is a force for good. He is standing up against systematic oppression and empowering the Black community to take ownership—ownership of land, ownership of business, and ownership of their situation. What begins as a conversation about food apartheid in a suburb of Baltimore builds into a larger conversation on the history of class-based inequity and how it is up to the oppressed—not the oppressor—to create social change. In times such as these, it is the actions of people like Eric that will incite systematic change. 

What we discuss in this episode:


- Eric’s childhood and how it shaped his current endeavors 

- History of food disparity and housing segregation


- What is food apartheid? How is it different from a food desert?


- Baltimore’s Strange Fruit documentary


- Black land and business ownership


- Dietary racism


- Pedagogy of the Oppressed by Paulo Freire


- Papal Bull of 1452 that allowed the enslavement of certain groups of people

- Womanist theology


- How non-Blacks can support the Black community without taking away Black sovereignty 


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