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Jan 29, 2020

Although food has incredible healing power, there is more you should be doing to take care of your body holistically. 


Beyond helping his patients transition to a whole-foods, plant-based diet to fight disease and improve their guts, James Marin is an expert at bettering health from all angles, including by eliminating environmental toxins.  


James is a Registered Dietitian and Environmental Nutritionist who, along with his wife Dahlia, specializes in preventing and healing diabetes, auto-immune diets, gastrointestinal treatments, and pediatric nutrition. 


He says that there are three levels of health, all of which work together to keep your body working the way it’s meant to. 


He joins Dotsie and Alexandra to explain the different levels of health, the impact the environment has on your body, and what you can do to ensure longer-term health. 


You’ll hear his how he treats disease by focusing on the cause over symptoms, why it’s necessary for you to pay attention to GMOs and chemicals in your food, and why you need to be part of environmental activism. 


Tune in to hear actionable advice that will empower you to take control over the entire picture of your health. 


What we discuss in this episode:


Is a low-carb diet the best option for Type II diabetics? Hear why James Marin believes treatment needs to go beyond limiting symptoms, plus the hidden dangers of a long term keto diet


- Are all sugars bad? The big difference between processed sugar and sugar you find in whole foods


- James’s plant-based food pyramid that makes it even easier to eat healthfully 


- The three layers of health and why we can’t ignore the effects the environment has on our gut health 


- Why a vegan diet on its own might not be healing your body, and how you can ensure you’re taking care of all three levels of health


The secret to washing your fruits and vegetables if you want to avoid dangerous chemicals


- Breast milk as a medium to transfer data: What we’re putting into our bodies when we drink cows’ milk that has bioaccumulated PCBs and PBDEs


The major difference between selective breeding and genetic modification -- and why the latter is so dangerous 


- You can be part of the solution: What you can do to advocate for a healthier future


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