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Jan 19, 2022

It doesn’t take a mighty act of willpower to change your life for the better, and David Wegener is proof of that. Dave is a visual arts teacher at a high school in Washington. He grew up overweight and packed on the pounds into adulthood. He identified as a volume eater and loved McDonalds, eventually tipping the scale at over 300 pounds. When his doctor tried to put him on medication for high triglyceride levels, Dave was shocked into action. He started with simple changes—eating a salad here and there and avoiding the drive-thru as much as possible. Eventually, he adopted a plant-based diet, and he lost over 100 pounds. He’ll admit he still slips up every now and then, but that only makes his story more relatable. Dave says if he can do it, anyone can. Here is his story.

What we discuss in this episode:


- Dave’s relationship to food growing up and in the Air Force


- How he and his doctor came up with a plan to lose weight


- Why Dave didn’t want to pass on his health issues to his kids


- How Dave feels after losing the weight


- How he copes with any cravings to reward himself with food


- Finding a healthy routine during the COVID lockdown


- Influencing others who want to lose weight (without being pushy)


- What he does now to maintain his weight


- Side effects of consuming dairy


- Tips to feel better and eat healthier


- Sample meals


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