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Jan 12, 2022

For Simon Hill, the proof is in the plants. This physiotherapist-turned-celebrity-nutritionist roots everything in science, and he’s established a brand that helps to educate and empower people to live their best lives through an active and plant-based lifestyle. Simon has coached stars such as Chris Hemsworth and worked with professional Australian football teams, but today, this serial entrepreneur and nutritionist is sharing his best tips and explaining the science behind them. Motivated by a love for sport and watching his dad have a heart attack at 15 years old, Simon is passionate about helping everyone achieve better health. Listen in for an educational and practical seminar on plant-based nutrition. 

What we discuss in this episode:


- Simon’s realization of what he didn’t know about nutrition


- Changing gears from physiotherapist to getting a masters in nutrition


- Watching his Dad experience a heart attack as a teenager


- How genes load the gun but lifestyle pulls the trigger


- How his vegan brother helped him realize he didn’t have to sacrifice anything as a vegan


- Protein sources and individualized nutrition 


- Omega-3 index test


- LDL and HDL cholesterol and cardiovascular risk


- How our environment normalizes unhealthy foods


- Government influence in the foods we eat


- How to ease into plant-based eating


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