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Apr 3, 2019

Despite the growing acceptance of plant-based nutrition in the mainstream, there are still major disparities in health, food access, and nutrition education for certain demographics.


Thirty-year vegan, best-selling author, and public health nutritionist Tracye Lynn McQuirter has spent decades teaching people how to be vegan for life while advocating specifically for African American women and girls.


The author of By Any Greens Necessary and Ageless Vegan joins us to discuss health inequalities, food justice, and some of her delicious vegan recipes.


You’ll learn the connection between food and racism, how chronic disease is exacerbated in black communities, and this nutritionist’s tips to switch for good.


What we discuss in this episode:


- The plate of black America and how Dick Gregory, comedian and activist, started Tracye on her path to veganism


- Why Tracye decided to start filling the gap in nutrition literature for black women


- What’s in Tracye’s Vegan Starter Guide?


Health disparities between races, and what exacerbates them


- What is food racism?


- How the USDA pushes dairy products onto people of color despite their higher rates of lactose intolerance


- The mental shift you need to make to start eating plant-based


- Follow Tracye at, on Twitter at @byanygreens, and on Instagram at @byanygreens. Download her free guide at


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