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Dec 29, 2021

Are you stressed? Not taking care of yourself as well as you should? Feeling a bit unfulfilled? It’s time for a detox. You don’t have to jump into a juice cleanse or book a 10-day meditation retreat. Our guests today are here to guide you through the first steps and help you be more receptive to living consciously. Hosts of the longstanding PBS and Amazon prime docu-series, “Conscious Living,” Michael and Bianca Alexander are experts when it comes to injecting a little namaste into the everyday. We discuss everything from detoxing to meditation, breast cancer to sustainable fashion. The duo is extremely grounded and relatable, making the healthier, more sustainable lifestyle seem more accessible than ever before.

What we discuss in this episode:


- Bianca embracing the storyteller hiding behind her corporate lawyer suit


- Being a professional yet not knowing anything about what makes one happy or healthy


- Michael’s transformation to plant-based


- The detox experience 


- Detoxing as a release instead of a punitive practice


- Baby steps to detox 


- Balancing conscious living with a busy life


- Michael’s documentary on breast cancer, The Cure


- Fashion and sustainability




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