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Dec 15, 2021

Today on the show we have the legendary athlete, podcast host, author, and all-around wonderful human being, Rich Roll. Rich is a father and husband, but most of you will recognize his grounding voice from his weekly masterclass in personal and professional development—the Rich Roll Podcast. From a promising Stanford swimmer to a desperate entertainment lawyer caught in the vicious cycle of alcohol abuse, Rich hit rock bottom and used the power of plants and endurance to catapult his life into one of abundance. Between completing the EPIC5 Challenge to writing his best-selling memoir, Finding Ultra, Rich has amassed a life of experiences far beyond the average lifetime. He now dedicates himself to being a facilitator of growth and wellness through the Rich Roll Podcast, which he launched in 2012. Rich is a true original, a multifaceted individual with a bounty to share, and we cover a mountain of topics relating to personal development, relationships, addiction, and behavior. This episode is a philosophical gem. 

What we discuss in this episode:


- Suffering as a teacher / the dividing line between good suffering and bad suffering


- The double-edged sword of the pursuit of “more” 


- Alcohol recovery as a process


- Understanding the emotions behind destructive behaviors


- How to make amends and become better


- Relationships/divine love versus transactional love


- Setting healthy boundaries and habits to do what you actually want to do


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