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Aug 13, 2021

Most people have a favorite hairdresser or perhaps even a favorite barista … we have a favorite gastroenterologist. This is Dr. Angie Sadeghi’s second time on the podcast—she just has so much knowledge to share! Circle back and listen to Episode 3 for her full backstory, then give this show a listen to learn all about the gut microbiome, how to feed your “good” bacteria, the brain/gut connection, hidden causes of anemia, her opinion on probiotics, and more. Your gut will thank you.   


What we discuss in this episode:


- Check out Dr. Angie’s first appearance on the show, Episode 3


- The dangers of lactose intolerance


- Understanding the microbiome and how to feed your good bacteria 


- The brain/gut connection 


- How much fiber do you need?


- Do probiotic pills work?


- Hidden causes of anemia 


- Institute of Plant-Based Medicine


- Follow Dr. Angie @Angie.Sadeghi


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