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Apr 27, 2022

Our guest today is an actor, dancer, film-maker and director, activist, and so much more. Tonya Kay is a brilliant and vibrant artist whose rebel personality and compassion easily shines through her work. Today on the podcast we get to sit down with Tonya to learn what makes her tick. When dancing burlesque, acting in popular films or talking about her raw vegan lifestyle, it is clear to see that Tonya is a dedicated and authentic leader. Today we have the honor of discussing her roots and learning about her passion for the arts at a young age. We also talk about what drove a girl from a small town, who had an experience in her family’s slaughterhouse, to living a vegan lifestyle and spreading the message.

Tonya gets intimate with us and shares what it was like receiving a cancer diagnosis during the pandemic, and goes even deeper to talk about what that experience was like as a health-conscious raw vegan. Tonya is breaking the rules and paving her own path, fueled by her huge heart and incredibly artistic spirit. Let’s learn all about Tonya! 


What we discuss in this episode: 


- How Dotsie’s 22-day wine challenge is going


- How Alexandra is working with her cholesterol challenges 


- Why did Tonya Kay decide not to go to college, despite being her class valedictorian 


- What different US cities taught Tonya about theatre, arts, and life 


- What Tonya’s experience was like growing up in a small-town community and working in a slaughterhouse 


- Why she ended up going raw vegan and how that intertwined with her mental health and relationships 


- How Tonya reworked her relationship with “mental illness” 


- What it was like to get a cancer diagnosis during the first quarantine of the pandemic


- What trying alternative cancer-fighting practices is like and what the options are


- What it was like receiving a cancer diagnosis as a raw vegan and how the community reacted to this news 


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