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Aug 24, 2022

Here at Switch4Good, we are all about embracing change, so for today’s episode, we are ‘switching’ things up on the podcast. Instead of having an expert on our show to inspire all of you in the audience, we’re bringing our inspirational audience onto the show. In this episode, we interview three lovely podcast listeners about their inspiring transformational journeys that they’ve all bravely undertaken.

Today you’ll hear from Jess McKay, someone who has found a way to combine his love of puppets and animal rights in a positive way. You’ll also hear from Mary Cline, a woman who proves that change is possible at any stage of life. Lastly, we sit down with Jim Stark, a man who followed the Standard American diet and ended up with Standard American Health issues. We talk to him about his healing journey through plant-based foods and a willingness to change. 

We know that you will walk away from today’s episode simply inspired. And a reminder that you, our audience, inspire us every single day! 


What we discuss: 

  • Why feathers used in puppets are a co-product of the meat industry and not a by-product
  • How Jess has impacted the puppet-making industry for the better
  • Why Mary went plant-based during the pandemic while in her 60’s
  • How a plant-based diet helped with Mary’s migraines 
  • How Mary upholds her boundaries around food ethics during outings  
  • Why Jim adopted a plant-based diet 
  • How Jim learned to build up satisfying, plant-based meals over time




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