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Feb 27, 2019

What are we really ingesting when we drink cows’ milk? What are mothers passing through their bodies to their children? What in the world is a dairy allergy?


Dr. Vivian Chen dives into the dangers of dairy and her story of transitioning to a plant-based diet after a battle to diagnose the root of her infant’s feeding problem.


As a double-certified physician, Dr. Chen has seen a host of improvements in her patients when they cut dairy and address their lifestyle. She’s going to tell you the sneaky ways dairy might be affecting you -- and your children.  


What we discuss in this episode:


- Defining dairy allergy, and distinguishing it from lactose intolerance.


- The top four allergies Dr. Chen says mothers should look for.


- Ethnic diversity in allergy prevalence and the difficulty in testing for allergies.


- Delayed vs. acute symptoms and allergies in adults vs. babies.


- Elimination diets to discover the root of your symptoms.


- The effects of casein metabolizing into casomorphin.


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