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Apr 20, 2022

Today's guest is Vikas Garg, the creator and founder of the app abillion, which helps users all over the world create a more sustainable and vegan future. The app allows people to find and review vegan-friendly foods and products no matter where they are. In addition to turning folks plant-based and introducing them to veganism, the app supports vegan animal sanctuaries in real time. Vikas talks to us about how this app is creating positive change through large and powerful ripple effects that start off small. 

Vikas was born in India but came to the USA at a young age and puts the “humane myth” about cows used by the food industry to rest for those who are curious about how cows are treated in both countries. He explains to us that although cows are viewed differently in both countries, they suffer the same cruel fates whether they are used by the dairy or meat industries in both places. 

Vikas is passionate and about creating a more conscious, compassionate world. His episode today will take you into a deeper understand of how the world is changing through one app, and how we personally can change the world in a meaningful way as individuals and with our time spent on social media. 


What we discuss in this episode: 


-Vikas’s childhood background and what it was like to move to the USA


-How dairy products are viewed in India and how that view has changed over time


-What happens to cows used by the dairy industry in different cultures 


-Vikas’s personal practice of compassion and empathy that he uses each day 


-Why and how Vikas started the successful app abillion


-How abillion helps create a conscious vegan world and community 


-What is the goal of abillion and how users have changed their lives with the app 


-Plant-based food trends and new products for 2022


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