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Feb 19, 2019

Actress. Photographer. Ballerina. Influencer. Agnes Muljadi has an impressive resume with an even more impressive Instagram following—530K.


But she’s not after followers. She’s interested in ethics and serving as a positive role model for young girls.


We dive into a number of wide-ranging topics in this episode, from her overnight transition to veganism after a health scare to using her social platform to create positive change and mentor others.


We also discuss the raw vegan lifestyle, sustainable fashion, and how to navigate brand collaborations.


You’ll love Agnes’ real, down-to-earth philosophies, and also gain some insight to improve your health and your social media game.


What we discuss in this episode:


- Increasing stamina with a mostly raw, plant-based diet.


- Being mindful of what you eat.


- Being a vegan role model for young dancers.


- Being an influencer and partnering with brands in line with your ethics.


- Sustainable fashion and consumerism (for Fair Trade fashion, shop


- Agnes’ favorite restaurant: Au Lac in Fountain Valley and DTLA.


- Look up your local Pig Vigil at


Follow Agnes @artsyagnes on Instagram.


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