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Sep 16, 2020

A vegan since the 80s, Brenda Davis is the Godmother of plant-based dietitians. In this conversation, she explains how she traversed the relatively new territory of not only being vegan, but being a vegan dietitian. We also go deep into diabetes, the effects certain foods have on the body, orthorexia, and more. Join this joyful discussion—you have your health to gain. 

What we discuss in this episode:


- How to find your tribe when you feel like the only vegetarian/vegan


- The removal of dairy as a food group from the Canada Food Guide


- Her work in a groundbreaking diabetes study


- What goes on in the body when someone is diabetic 


- How to rebuild your body with whole foods


- Myths (and realities) of eating raw


- Orthorexia and the brain implications of a low-fat diet


- Brenda’s upcoming book, Nourish


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