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Jul 8, 2020

Need a boost? Tara Heaton’s personal story and can-do attitude will rev your motivation and pick you up. Tara is a communications expert and relies on her knowledge of the human brain to help everyone from corporations to non-profits get their message across and achieve success. She believes in taking responsibility, so when her daughter was suddenly diagnosed with a permanent brain injury, she hit the books. Tara explains the interworkings of the brain and offers advice on how to use this knowledge for effective communication. Listen in to this fascinating episode and learn how to up your communication game. 

What we discuss in this episode:

- Tara’s personal story and dealing with her daughter’s health crisis 


- Tips you can use now for more effective communication 


- How to help others make the switch to plant-based


- How your brain affects your food choices (and vice versa)


- Tara’s business, En Pointe Communication


- Tara’s book, Talk to the Brain

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