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May 20, 2020

Jessica Strathdee worked on a typical dairy farm in New Zealand. The animals were not intentionally abused, and they had access to the open green fields so often associated with the pastoral practice of dairying. However, Jessica’s retelling of her experience on the farm is horrifying. It’s not the farm she worked on—it’s the system. There is no way to obtain cows’ milk for human consumption without participating in truly exploitive acts. Jessica is not an animal-lover, nor is she a bleeding-heart emotional activist. She’s a regular person who thought cows’ milk was perfectly normal, noble even, until her work experience revealed the truth. Now the founder of Mothers Against Dairy New Zealand, she’s using her knowledge of the industry to fight back against the cruel system she was once part of.

What we discuss in this episode:


- The process of dairying in detail


- A day in the life of a dairy farm worker


- The challenges faced by the dairy community


- The moment Jessica realized dairying was wrong


- The slaughter that results from the dairy industry


- Jessica’s unique form of activism


- Mothers Against Dairy New Zealand


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