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Mar 30, 2022

New Zealand, also known as Aotearoa, produces approximately 21 billion liters of milk every year, or about 3% of the world's milk production (95% of which are exported to more than 130 countries worldwide). Isn't that great? But wait until you see the impact of dairy farming on the environment. 

Today we will talk about a fantastic film co-produced by a passionate Māori activist Chris Huriwai, co-founder of the animal rights project Aotearoa Liberation League. Chris is a vegan advocate and 3-time world champion for street unicycling. So, why should we care about Chris and this film?

MILKED is a documentary filmed by Producer & Director Amy Taylor, which features interviews with high-profile contributors like primatologist and anthropologist Dr. Jane Goodall, environmentalist Suzy Amis Cameron, and Cowspiracy co-director Keegan Kuhn. The film reveals the harsh reality behind the seemingly idyllic and green dairy farming tale in New Zealand, uncovering alarming information about the impacts of the industry on the environment and health of the dairy farming community. MILKED presents evidence that we are on the edge of probably the biggest disruption of food and agriculture in history. It points to what New Zealand and other countries can do to prevent the destruction of their environment and change their fate.

What we discuss in this episode: 


-First, let's hear about Dotsie's amazing work in partnership with Animal Wellness Action to change laws and policies for the animals. She also campaigned for improving the school lunch program to include soy milk in schools.


-Chris talks about his life as a Maori child and how homeschooling shaped his view of the world.


-How did his family react when he moved away from consuming animal products?


-Chris shares what it's like inside Fonterra, the largest NZ dairy farm, and how its dairy farming operation is impacting the water supply in the area.


-What impetus led Chris to make a film, and why focus on Fonterra?


-Did Chris think Fonterra would answer the questions and be open to discussing the issues at hand? 


-Is Chris expecting a backlash from Fonterra, and are there claims that the film is attacking the dairy farmers?


-How do cows live in Aotearoa? It looks idyllic and green, but what is the real picture?


-Fonterra exports 95% of its products, and the company is expanding its operations in Indonesia. But what is the true impact of this move?


-Do small dairy farmers benefit from large capitalistic companies? How can they adjust to a different life with the agricultural destruction? What subsidies are available to them?


-What would people walk away with after watching the film? 


-What's next for Chris Huriwai?


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