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Mar 16, 2022

Some oils are advertised as health foods. But no oil is really healthy, not even olive oil. If you don't want to spend your days eating steamed, poached, or boiled food and you think oil-free food is boring, this episode is for you. Today's guest, Chef Del Sroufe, will teach you how to sauté, stir-fry, bake, and roast without oil or butter. With 33 years of cooking experience, Chef Del is an expert in oil-free cooking methods. At eight years old, he was creating dishes from whatever he could find in their kitchen. By thirteen, he was flaunting his culinary talents by preparing family dinners. 

Chef Del worked at a premier vegetarian restaurant in Ohio, The King Avenue Coffeehouse. He later opened his bakery, Del’s Bread, serving delicious vegan pastries and assorted delicacies. In 2001, he transitioned from his bakery business to start a vegan Personal Chef Service. In 2006, Chef Del joined Wellness Forum Foods as Executive Chef, where he continued the tradition of delivering great-tasting plant-based meals to clients. He also teaches cooking classes and helps people transition to a healthy plant-based diet.

Chef Del is the author of Forks over Knives: The Cookbook, a New York Times Bestseller; Better than Vegan, the story of his struggle with weight loss and gain, and how he managed to lose over 200 pounds on a low fat, plant-based diet, The China Study Quick and Easy Cookbook and The China Study Family Cookbook which contain flavorful whole food plant-based recipes.

What we discuss in this episode:


- Chef Del's colorful cooking career and his plant-based journey in a vegetarian kitchen


- The true impact of health compartmentalization and unhealthy eating behavior


- How to prevent food from burning when you don't use oil


- Healthy substitute for food thickeners, butter, eggs, and cheese and tips to make vegan food more filling


- Chef Del's favorite herbs and spices for that much-needed flavor


- Tips to make veggies, fruits, spices stay fresh longer, what type of milk to use for cooking and baking, how to make a great muffin, black bean brownie, and other delicious plant-based dishes.


- The long and tedious process of writing a cookbook and testing the recipes.


- Book recommendation: Eat More, Weigh Less: Dr. Dean Ornish's Life Choice Program for Losing Weight Safely While Eating Abundantly


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