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Feb 2, 2022

As human beings, we are addicted to animal products, and it will take a lot of time to make a change. But today’s guest is a creator with a purpose and joins me this week to share their inspiring journey towards making lasting change. Robbie Lockie is a brave soul filled with grit, determination, and the desire to see real change happen. They are the co-founder of Plant-Based News, an outlet that provides free access to information on responsible consumerism, environmental activism, and plant-based food trends. After some health issues and a few profound experiences in their 20s, they began researching veganism, ultimately following their heart to conscious ethical direction. They join me this week to share the moment everything shifted for them, the problem with the current food and dairy industries, and why everybody has a responsibility to take ownership of their actions. What Robbie has to say is so inspiring; you won’t want to miss this episode!

What we discuss in this episode:


- The moment Robbie became a vegan and what led them to do so.


- Why compassion is a central part of life.


- Some of the actions Robbie has taken for themself to make sense of the world.


- Why the current times are a very scary time for medicine.


- The difference between meat and vegan foods and the way they are presented by the food industries.


- Why expressing ourselves and feeling our emotions is so important as humans.


- What was missing in the media and society that drove Robbie to expand plant-based news to how people know it today.


- The problem with the food and health industries and the narratives they push around eating food that is bad for us.


- What Robbie thinks it takes for human beings to be truly happy.


- The film SWINE Robbie created - watch it here:


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