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Mar 27, 2019

Our diets are forever evolving and never perfect, but if we allow ourselves to have compassion and understand the journey, we can get to a healthier place.


Nik Tyler lives this philosophy daily.


He’s an actor, vegan, and the Celebrity Relations Manager for Mercy for Animals, the leading farm animal protection non-profit organization.


Nik was raised as a vegetarian, taught to honor the Jainism belief of ahimsa or to do no harm.


However, he still struggled with sugar and vegan “junk” food, and it took time for him to practice compassion toward himself and his body.


A once outspoken animal activist in college, Nik continues to advocate for the vegan lifestyle, but with a bit more tact.


He has come to understand that compassion is inherent in all of us, but we each need time to realize and act upon it.


The most effective traits of an activist are patience and the ability to listen, according to Nik.


Nik is both insightful and playful, and this conversation was a true gem. We hope you find inspiration from this episode, but enjoy a few laughs as well!


What we discuss in this episode:


- Jainism & Ahimsa


- Growing up as a vegetarian


- Sugar addiction & reboots


- Most effective forms of activism


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