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Sep 22, 2021

There are doctors who like to point out your problems and use medication as a bandaid, and there are doctors like Melissa Sundermann. A double board-certified DO in internal and lifestyle medicine, Dr. Sundermann combines Western medicine with a holistic approach to help her patients heal. She’s friendly, empathetic, and empowering. Join in on our delightful conversation with this Michigan-based doc to learn more about lifestyle medicine, tips to implement it into your routine, and how to help loved ones embrace a more holistic lifestyle. 

What we discuss in this episode:


- 6 Pillars of Lifestyle Medicine


- How to navigate challenges when it comes to nutrition and exercise


- Dr. Sundermann’s transition from a peanut M&M lover to a plant-based diet


- How to make the switch to WFPB with a positive mindset


- How to fine-tune sleep health


- Follow Dr. Sundermann on Instagram @motivatormelissa


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