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Sep 15, 2021

Camille Martin, RD, was caught in the vicious cycle of binging, restricting, and dieting for years. Her weight would fluctuate, but she was never happy, until she decided to quit dieting and let herself eat. To her surprise, she didn’t gain weight—she lost it. Now a registered dietitian and very new vegan, Camille shares her story and helpful tips to change your eating habits. We also dive into misleading labels on animal products, raising girls to grow up with high self-esteem, and more. This conversation is casual, friendly, and practical. Join in the camaraderie and give it a listen.

What we discuss in this episode:


- Camille’s experience as a one-month vegan


- Managing binge/restrict eating habits and breaking the cycle


- How diet culture destroys self-esteem


- Defending carbs


- Veganism as a lifestyle, not a diet


- Debunking labels like “grass-fed, organic”


- How to raise strong, daughters 


- How to change your environment to change your habits


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