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Jun 2, 2021

If anyone can take a highly complicated subject such as nutrigenomics and whittle it down to layman’s terms while still incorporating robust scientific knowledge, it’s our guest today. Dr. Yael Joffe is an incredibly accomplished nutrigenomicist who has not only worked with the best in the field but advanced the topic into the modern-day. In this episode, she explains how genes are expressed through food choices and what can and cannot be changed. It’s a truly fascinating conversation that will leave you with actionable steps to take to improve your daily life. 


What we discuss in this episode:


- Open cold water swimming


- Nutrigenomics explained


- How genes determine how our body reacts to the world around us


- Genetics versus lifestyle


- The power of raw cruciferous vegetables


- The range of the “optimum” diet


- The issue with at-home genetic testing


- Dr. Yale’s company, 3x4 Genetics


- Dr. Yale’s preferred supplement company, Cell Logic


- Dotsie’s Stray Dog blog post


- Use code liquidgold for 20% off LOCA dairy-free queso


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