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Apr 28, 2021

Gene Baur is a pioneer in the farm sanctuary movement. He began his work in the eighties and eventually developed bicoastal farm animal rescues that save over 1,000 animals a year. Farm Sanctuary does more than just rescue, though. The multi-pronged organization is working on systematic change to find solutions that will not only improve animal welfare but eventually put an end to factory farming. In this episode, Gene enlightens us on the origins of Farm Sanctuary, shares heartwarming stories of animals he has saved, discusses progress and challenges within the animal welfare movement, and admits that the movement needs to do a better job of diversifying its leadership and audience. It’s a well-rounded hour that will keep your attention from start to finish. 


What we discuss in this episode:


- The origins of Farm Sanctuary


- How the veal industry is born out of the dairy industry


- The role farm sanctuaries play in public education


- Common diseases found on factory farms


- Issues with “grass-fed” and “organic” animals


- Diet and privilege, the whiteness of the animal rights movement


- Government money funneled into animal agriculture


- Gene’s books: Farm Sanctuary and Living the Farm Sanctuary Life


- Learn more at or follow Gene @genebaur


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