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Apr 7, 2021

It’s not often you come across a person who has graced the front cover of Men's Fitness magazine, and it’s even rarer when that exceptionally chiseled person happens to be vegan. In fact, today’s guest, Nimai Delgado, is the only one. Nimai is a former IFBB Pro in the Men’s Physique category, but there’s more to him than just muscles. Raised in a Hari Krishna farming community in the South until he was eight years old, Nimai is insightful, compassionate, and surprisingly relatable. He’s garnered nearly one million followers through his multiple Instagram accounts and uses his fame to teach others about the health benefits of a vegan diet. If it can power his kind of mass, it can certainly sustain the average human. This conversation roams from protein myths to ahimsa, public relationship break-ups to nutrition tips. Go for a walk, get to the gym, or start doing squats—you’ll want to be active when you listen to this show. 


What we discuss in this episode:


- Nimai’s relationship with protein and the misconception around macronutrients


- Standard bodybuilding nutrition versus Nimai’s plant-based routine


- Growing up in a Hari Krishna community in the South and the concept of ahimsa


- His very public breakup during the pandemic 


- Fitness and nutrition tips for the everyday person 


- Finding your “WHY”


- Nimai’s Buddha Bowl recipe




- Vedge Nutrition and the role of supplements


- Follow Nimai on Instagram @nimai_delgado


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