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Mar 31, 2021

Dr. Scott Stoll, MD, has a unique perspective when it comes to the medical profession. He views doctors as salespeople. Most can sell you on a prescription or procedure in under ten minutes. He’s selling his patients on prevention. Dr. Stoll advocates for a whole food, plant-based diet to both prevent and reverse common ailments that dramatically affect his patients’ quality of life. Optimum health isn’t a gamble—for the large part, it’s determined by what you put into your body. As he says, “You have to fight with every bite. Every bite matters.” This conversation dives into a number of topics from his plant-based origin story to working with Team USA bobsled athletes, transformative patient stories to hopeful progress being made in medical education. Dr. Stoll is a wealth of resources, and we were honored to spend over an hour chatting with him. 


What we discuss in this episode:


- How food can guide our health


- Lack of nutrition education in medical school


- How doctors can inspire hope and lasting change


- Religion and eating patterns


- What to eat while recovering from COVID19


- Transformative patient stories 


- Team USA Bobsledding and nutrition


- Dr. Stoll’s book, Alive!


- The Plantrician Project


- The Rodale Institute


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