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Mar 3, 2021

Imagine driving down the highway. You look to your left, and a two-week-old calf is staring at you through the window. The person driving that calf is likely Jason Bolalek—founder of Destination Liberation. He works with dairy farmers in Vermont to surrender their male dairy cows instead of shooting them. Jason transports these calves to animal sanctuaries so they can live out their natural lives in peace. In this conversation, Jason reveals the realities of dairy farming on small, often family-run operations. Listen in, and you’ll find the truth is far different than what is portrayed on the milk carton.

What we discuss in this episode:


- How Jason started rescuing calves


- What happens to male calves on dairy farms


- The truth behind small-farm dairy production 


- Logistics of transporting cows in cars


- What’s wrong with the dairy system and the money behind it


- Follow Jason’s work on Instagram @JasonBolalek


- The viral video of Jason’s epic 18-hour rescue  


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