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Nov 25, 2020

We’re talking about the scary C-word today … cancer. Most of us have been touched by cancer in some way or another, and regardless, there is always future risk. Fortunately, our guest today has made it her mission to help people reduce their risk and fight cancer through the power of nutrition. Alison Tierney is a plant-based dietitian specializing in oncology nutrition. She doesn’t just tell her clients what foods to eat (we all know vegetables are good for us) but why certain foods help prevent or treat cancer while others exacerbate it. Understanding the why behind what we eat is crucial in adopting and sticking to healthy habits for life. Listen in for Alison’s sage advice on nutrition, health, and cancer prevention. 


What we discuss in this episode:


- The controversy over iron 


- PCOS, fertility issues, and a plant-based diet


- Busting the myth around soy and cancer


- The foods that fight or encourage cancer


- Nutrition as a complement to other cancer treatments


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