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Jun 29, 2022

We are so excited to have cardiologist, Dr. Columbus Batiste, on the show to have a well-rounded and deep discussion on healthy living. Years ago he embarked on a crusade to educate and empower his patients to take control of their lives, and his passion and knowledge have expanded throughout communities all over the country.

After watching his father suffer from diabetes, Dr. Batiste went plant-based and launched the Integrative Cardiovascular Disease Program in California. Now that’s what we call “taking action!” His sole goal is to educate so that “each one can teach one” about the power of healthy plant-based foods. 

This soon-to-be author, activist, cardiologist, and nonprofit cofounder invites us all to become a part of the Healthy Heart Nation and talks to us about the best diet for a healthy heart, silent heart attacks, and the Slave Food Project, and more. 


“You don’t have to wait for perfection. You don’t have wait to have all of the knowledge available to you. You don’t have to wait to have everything aligned in your life to start perusing health. Just start. There is power in small steps.”  - Dr. Columbus Batiste 


What we discuss:

  • Why Dr. Batiste gave up eating meat, dairy, and highly processed foods 
  • Why his father’s illnesses impacted him so much 
  • What it was like helping his first patient transform their health through food
  • What S.E.L.F.I.S.H. means 
  • What heart disease is
  • The silent heart attack 
  • Which diet is best for a healthy heart 
  • Is oil good or bad for you?
  • What is the scoop on the drug Lipitor? 
  • Why your DNA is not your destiny
  • What the goal of the Slave Food Project is 










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