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Feb 20, 2019

Giacomo Marchese is a successful natural bodybuilder and coach, but he wasn’t always the epitome of perfect health.


After discovering the sport of bodybuilding at a young age, Giacomo became severely anorexic, forcing him to step away from competitions for several years.


After overcoming his eating disorder and harnessing a healthier mindset around food and exercise, Giacomo eventually made his way back to what he loves and now coaches others in bodybuilding and general


weight loss and fitness. His secret weapon? Sleep, hydration, and a plant-based diet!


In this episode we discuss:


- Giacomo’s struggle with anorexia.


- How to get enough protein (spoiler, everything has protein)


- Society’s misplaced obsession with macronutrients


- Giacomo recommends a blend of pea and rice for the optimum, easy-to-digest protein powder.


- Giacomo’s go-to meals


- Dinner: Baked potato, Beyond Meat burger patty, side of broccoli


- Breakfast: Bowl of oats with fresh fruit


- Giacomo’s tips to lose weight on a vegan diet:


- Get enough sleep (7 - 9 hours)


- Hydration is crucial (¾ - 1 ½ gallons, daily)


- Eat plenty of vegetables


- Keep a food journal


- Follow and support Giacomo on Instagram @muslesbybrussels and visit his website,


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