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Jul 31, 2020

You don’t need to experience trauma to feel depressed.


You don’t have to grow up in a certain zip code to be a drug addict, and you don’t have to have obese parents to develop a food addiction.


Adam Sud grew up in a comfortable household with a loving family, yet he experienced all of these things.


After years of Adderall abuse and excessive consumption of fast-food, Adam tried to commit suicide.


Unsuccessful in his attempt, he finally committed to seeking help and discovered the healing powers of the plant-based diet - not just the physical effects, but the mental benefits as well.


Adam lost 160 pounds and titrated off all of his medications, including his antidepressants. Now healthy and medication-free, Adam devotes his life to helping others, proving that no matter how far one has fallen, there is always a way out.


What we discuss in this episode:


- Coping with food as a child


- Adderall addiction


- Steps to recovery


- Losing 160 lbs and becoming a fit marathon runner


- Perseverance and trusting the journey


- Benefits of a whole foods, plant-based diet


- How to change your perspective and set a positive mindset


- The Save Movement (@thesavemovement)


- The Pleasure Trap


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