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Aug 19, 2020

As an Academy Award-winning documentarian, Louie Psihoyos has seen the world how it really is. He’s seen the best of nature and the worst of humanity, and he uses his art to celebrate the honorable and change the horrific. This conversation spans decades of experience working as a National Geographic photographer, going undercover to make the award-winning film The Cove, and creating the perfect formula to incite change with The Game Changers. His insight will shock you—from the atrocities committed against sealife to the profound impact his films have made. This show will grip you from start to finish. 


What we discuss in this episode:


- Men’s health and virility by way of The Game Changers film 


- Louie’s eye-opening experience as a The National Geographic photographer


- The nexus between eating animals and spreading disease


- Going undercover with The Cove


- Environmental, ethical, and health issues of eating fish


- The Game Changers film:


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