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Aug 11, 2021

The wave of conscious consumerism is growing stronger day by day, but sometimes, it’s a challenge to discern how the products we buy affect our health, the environment, and those used to make it (both laborers and animals included). Adriane Marie has devised a solution to help us all shop smarter and more efficiently. The HEALabel app is the ultimate guide to making conscious consumer choices at the grocer, drug store, and retail shop. The extremely comprehensive tool includes thousands of entries for ingredients and textiles used in virtually anything you can buy—be that food, household products, cosmetics, or clothing. Adriane educated us about what is wrong with the system, what to look for to shop consciously, and how to avoid the misleading marketing scheme of greenwashing. If you want to shop with compassion and confidence, this is an episode you need to hear. 

What we discuss in this episode:


- What is the Healable app


- Recognizing all four aspects of conscious consumerism


- Defining “greenwashing”


- What’s wrong with palm oil


- Hidden animal ingredients in non-animal products


- Issues with fast fashion and animal textiles


- Best practices of conscious consumerism


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