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Aug 4, 2021

Why are good people not vegan? Many people show tremendous empathy and compassion; they love animals; they deeply care about the planet; they perform selfless acts for others; and yet, they continue to support a system of routine abuse and cruelty. Animal law attorney and former Director of the iconic Vegan Action certification—David Blatte—wrote a book to explain this extreme juxtaposition and how to overcome it. Titled “The Vegan Imperative,” Blatte walks us through the psychological and societal factors of why people eat animals. He also dives into some of his high-profile legal cases, such as banning foie gras in California. This conversation will definitely leave you marinating in thought.

What we discuss in this episode:


- What it’s like to be vegan in the 90s. 


- How to effectively advocate


- Why good people continue to eat meat


- Levels of compassion


- Making the legal case against foie gras and other animal rights cases


- The Vegan Action certification


- David’s book, The Vegan Imperative


- How to Win Friends and Influence People


- Diet for a Small Planet


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