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Apr 14, 2021

Karyn Calabrese isn’t your typical raw foodist. She built a vegan restaurant empire in Chicago—the first raw vegan restaurant in the country, in fact—and gained fame both through her food and her holistic approach to wellness. At 74-years-young, she maintains her youthful vigor and appearance. She’s not going to tell you to go raw overnight or drop everything and start a juice cleanse. Karyn is all about evolution and progress, not perfection. Even the raw skeptics will finish this episode with an open mind. It’s fun, informative, and opens the door to a healthier way of living. 


What we discuss in this episode:


- Gradual habit change


- Benefits of raw food and juicing


- How to take challenges as a way to evolve and grow


- Dr. Ann Wigmore, an early advocate of the raw food movement


- Definition and importance of detoxing 


- The delicious variety of raw food


- Karyn’s health and wellness tips


- Karyn’s books, Soak Your Nuts


- Karyn’s website


- Follow Karyn on Instagram @karyncalabrese


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