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Feb 24, 2021

Dr. Pamela Fergusson, RD, PhD, is a plant-based dietitian with 15+ years of experience that spans several continents. As a super mom of four, she takes a practical, evidence-based, and gentle approach to her consultations with clients, but when it comes to standing for what’s right, she’s not afraid to be vocal. She’s spoken out about dairy advertising to children in Canada, and she’s also written papers to educate other dietitians about working with transgender and non-binary clients. On top of that, she’s a self-published cookbook author, sunflower seed fanatic, and winner of the Toronto Marathon’s speed-walking division. This conversation is fun, informative, and just might incentivize you to start speed-walking. 


What we discuss in this episode:


- Progressive changes to Canada’s 2019 Food Guide


- Dairy industry’s influence in Canada


- Dairy advertising to children


- Soy and tofu


- Working with transgender or non-binary clients


- Simple tips to eat healthier


- Keystone habits


- The issues with cashews and benefits of seeds


- Speed-walking


- Pamela’s Sunflower Seed Cookbook


- Follow Pamela on Instagram @drpamela.rd


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